The Perfect Putter is great for golfers of all levels, from professionals to beginners. This device allows any golfer to test their green reading abilities, work on their visualization of the true break on a putt and set up very effective practice drills to improve their putting.



The Perfect Putter is a great device to help your students understand the importance of matching speed with intended line. It is also the only training aid that allows instructors to test their student’s 4 key aspects of putting (Green reading, Aiming, Speed and Stroke).

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The fact that The Perfect Putter creates the perfect roll on the golf ball every time, gives golf superintendents the abilities to start testing the condition of the greens. The Perfect Putter can also work as a Stimpmeter. The 0 on the side is calibrated to give you an estimate speed of the greens.

RussellKnox"Every week on the PGA Tour there is a new training device, a new tool that will "change your game", the next best thing. Every week on the PGA Tour countless of training aids falter, until The Perfect Putter. The Perfect Putter allows me to practice so many levels of my putting and does so more effectively as well. I can get the exact break and speed on any putt in seconds. Working purely on visualization has helped me improve my green reading abilities and it creates a great image in my head of the ball going into the hole. Both give me great confidence. The Perfect Putter has improved my focus while I putt, no doubt it has made me a better putter and green reader."

Russell Knox

PGA Tour Player / 2015 WGC- HSBC Champion / 2014 Honda Classic Runner-up

graeme mcdowell"I have never seen a piece of training equipment that so accurately allows you to set up a breaking putt, most importantly at your personal speed preference, giving you an opportunity to practice the putt with no questions on starting line or speed.”

Graeme McDowell 

2010 U.S. Open Championship Winner, 2013 RBC Heritage Winner, 2016 OHL Classic at Mayakoba Winner


harris-english"The Perfect Putter is the best training tool I've ever seen on the PGA Tour. All these years, I thought I needed to work on my stroke to be a more consistent putter. After using The Perfect Putter, I have realized that aim and speed have so much more to do with putting than the actual stroke. The Perfect Putter had helped me visualize the breaking putts that sometimes give me trouble and it helps me set up drills to do that help me to aim properly. After using the perfect putter each session, I walk off the putting green with confidence that I can start the ball online. Truly the best tool I've seen and I never practice putting without it"

Harris English

PGA Tour Player, 2-Time PGA Tour Winner 

Sean"I was introduced to The Perfect Putter at the 2015 Players Championship. I could immediately tell this device was going to change the way I practiced and could only improve my green reading and visualization. The H alignment aid ensured that I was going to have Perfect Practice! I cannot sing the praises of this device enough. Anyone who is serious about improving their putting should have one"

Sean O'Hair

PGA Tour Player - 4 time PGA Tour Winner

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