Russell Knox is having an unbelievable 2016 in golf. He was two PGA TOUR wins including a World Golf Championship, two seconds and four top-10s.


Knox resides in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, just up the road from The Perfect Putter’s headquarters and is having the season of his career thanks to some clutch putts, including this one to win the Travelers Championship:



Knox is a huge proponent of The Perfect Putter. In fact, he retweeted us after that epic win in Cromwell, which we love seeing!




“The Perfect Putter allows me to practice so many levels of my putting and does so more effectively as well. I can get the exact break and speed on any putt in seconds,” says the two-time TOUR champ.


Knox also believes the Perfect Putter has boosted his overall game. “Working purely on visualization has helped me improve my green reading abilities and it creates a great image in my head of the ball going into the hole.”


According to Russell, our training aid gives him the confidence to hole key putts, just like the one he did at Travelers.


“The Perfect Putter has improved my focus while I putt. No doubt it has made me a better putter and green reader.”

Just like Russell Knox, over 65 other PGA TOUR pros have found that The Perfect Putter helps them master that tricky skill of green reading.