If you are looking to improve your golf putt, it may come as a surprise to you that much of it has to do with your eyes. That’s right…your eyes and where you look when you are putting is an important factor for improving your short game. While it is totally an individual choice where you chose to look, we have some tips if you want to make more putts on the course.

 “Quiet Eyes” is the Difference Between Good and Bad Putters

Recent research from the University of Calgary indicates that the best putters have “Quiet Eyes.” This term indicates that the golfer keeps their eyes perfectly fixed for a few seconds before AND after they putt. As expected, they found that golfers that move their eyes quickly without focusing on a specific location, on average, would put more poorly.

Keep Your Eyes Firmly on the…

So, where exactly should your focus be when putting? Here are some pointers:

  1. After taking the putting stance, be sure to focus on the back of the ball

  2. Do not look at the hole more than 3 times when putting

  3. Focus on the back of the ball for at least 2 seconds right before putting

  4. Do not look at the head or shaft of the putter

  5. Keep your eyes focused where the back of the ball was for a minimum of half a second after putting

Different Strokes for Different for Folks

Although most experts indicate a preference for focusing on the ball, some disagree. Other pros suggest looking at the front of the ball, behind the ball, and even at the hole. However, where they all do agree is that you shouldn’t be looking around and shifting your eyes during or after a putt.

When you move your eyes, your body and head move with it, which changes the intended direction of the golf ball. Using “Quiet Eyes” helps to keep you still and focused.

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