New England Golf Monthly Review


We are so grateful to Haley Fisher of the New England Golf Monthly for publishing a great review of The Perfect Putter on their online publication on December 2, 2015. In the article, Fisher says,

"The Perfect Putter increases a player’s green reading abilities and helps them to visualize the break on a putt. One of the best features of The Perfect Putter are the many drills that helps improve golfers green reading, aim, speed, and stroke. Ramon Bescansa, professional golfer and owner, partnered with his father Ramon, who is an engineer, to create the Perfect Putter so Ramon could become more confident in his golf game. Thanks to their creativity and love for the game, golfers all over the world are lowering scores and uncovering a new way to look at their game."

Read the whole review here, and please share on social media to keep spreading the word about how The Perfect Putter is helping weekend warriors, PGA Tour Professionals, and teaching pros learn to read the green and lower their scores. 


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