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Testimonials from professionals

RussellKnox"Every week on the PGA Tour there is a new training device, a new tool that will "change your game", the next best thing. Every week on the PGA Tour countless of training aids falter, until The Perfect Putter. The Perfect Putter allows me to practice so many levels of my putting and does so more effectively as well. I can get the exact break and speed on any putt in seconds. Working purely on visualization has helped me improve my green reading abilities and it creates a great image in my head of the ball going into the hole. Both give me great confidence. The Perfect Putter has improved my focus while I putt, no doubt it has made me a better putter and green reader."

Russell Knox

PGA Tour Player / 2015 WGC- HSBC Champion / 2014 Honda Classic Runner-up

graeme mcdowell"I have never seen a piece of training equipment that so accurately allows you to set up a breaking putt, most importantly at your personal speed preference, giving you an opportunity to practice the putt with no questions on starting line or speed.”

Graeme McDowell 

2010 U.S. Open Championship Winner, 2013 RBC Heritage Winner, 2016 OHL Classic at Mayakoba Winner


harris-english"The Perfect Putter is the best training tool I've ever seen on the PGA Tour. All these years, I thought I needed to work on my stroke to be a more consistent putter. After using The Perfect Putter, I have realized that aim and speed have so much more to do with putting than the actual stroke. The Perfect Putter had helped me visualize the breaking putts that sometimes give me trouble and it helps me set up drills to do that help me to aim properly. After using the perfect putter each session, I walk off the putting green with confidence that I can start the ball online. Truly the best tool I've seen and I never practice putting without it"

Harris English

PGA Tour Player, 2-Time PGA Tour Winner 

Sean"I was introduced to The Perfect Putter at the 2015 Players Championship. I could immediately tell this device was going to change the way I practiced and could only improve my green reading and visualization. The H alignment aid ensured that I was going to have Perfect Practice! I cannot sing the praises of this device enough. Anyone who is serious about improving their putting should have one"

Sean O'Hair

PGA Tour Player - 4 time PGA Tour Winner

Matt Davidson"The Perfect Putter has been so beneficial in my putting. It has opened my eyes and showed me a weakness I used to have in my game. I used to struggle with left to right putts and this device has taught me that I was not playing enough break. The more I use it the better I get. I also love the fact that it is so small and durable because I can take it with me to every tournament"

Roberto Diaz

2014 Web.com Member / @bobbydiaz

MartinHall"The Perfect Putter is a fantastic product. It takes reading greens to a complete different level. In fact, if you are trying to read a green without it is as if you were handcuffed. It is a superb, a must have device that should have been around when I was playing for a living."

Martin Hall

Host of the TV show ¨School of Golf¨on the Golf Channel. 2008 PGA National Teacher of the Year

"The Perfect Putter is a training tool that is in its own class because of its versatility. You can improve your green reading, your alignment, your feel on breaking putts and straight putts alike, and your speed. My favorite aspect is how I can dial in my speed for each tournament. Being able to match my speed and line on a putt while knowing exactly where I am aiming allows me to prepare for each tournament with a ton of confidence!"

Ryan Blaum

PGA Tour Player

Bo-Van-Pelt"The first week back using The Perfect Putter I made 21 birdies and an eagle and then went out and shot 7 under on my opening 9 holes to help me qualify for the 2015 US Open at Chambers Bay. I am sold on the benefits!"

Bo Van Pelt

PGA Tour Player - Winner of the 2009 PGA Tour U.S. Bank Championship in Milwaukee and 2011 CIMB Asia Pacific Classic Malaysia

DavidOrr"Fernando Figueroa and I brought ¨The Perfect Putter" out to the WGC- Cadillac Championship at Doral in early March. We wanted to have one of my clients, Justin Rose, give it a go. Almost immediately, Justin saw the great "value" it would bring into his pre-round practice routine. ¨The Perfect Putter" allows Justin to practice and visualize all 4 Putting Skills at one time: READ, SPEED, AIM, and LINE. However, what was really cool... was how all the other players were wondering what "new toy" Rosey was playing with. After watching putts roll in one after another, first with the machine, and then by Justin himself. Players started getting really curious as to what is going on here. Soon thereafter, we started seeing ¨The Perfect Putter" show up at other venues on TOUR with several other players. The rest is history..."

David Orr

PGA Tour Instructor / Putting Coach to Justin Rose and Hunter Mahan

Scott Shobe"I was introduced to The Perfect Putter two months ago and the results have been remarkable. The Perfect Putter is truly the best teaching and green reading training aid on the market. After using The Perfect Putter for just two weeks my putting improved drastically. By using The Perfect Putter to roll balls with no side spin on the putting green, I realized I was over reading my left to right putts by more than a cup left and under reading my right to left putts by about the same. The Perfect Putter taught me that I was putting sidespin on my putts, which caused me to not read the greens or control my speed as effectively as I could. By rolling balls down The Perfect Putter it shows me the true break. I then used the gated tee drill that The Perfect Putter drills portion provides to teach myself how to hit pure rolled putts with no sidespin. The Perfect Putter is great for all golfers alike, high handicappers to PGA Touring pros. Everybody can benefit from the teaching qualities The Perfect Putter and their drills can provide. I have been through almost every possible putting aid on the market and The Perfect Putter is by far the best product I could ever endorse for teaching golfers of all levels how to practice and make more putts consistently on the golf course."

Casey Wittenberg

Web.com Tour Player

Malizia"The most overlooked element to becoming a great putter is the ability for the student to 1. Understand how to read a green 2.To practice their green reading skills. The Perfect Putter is the first training aid that allows you to do both. Once you understand the true geometry of a breaking putt only then can you work on perfecting a perfect putting stroke. I use the Perfect Putter with all levels of students from beginners to PGA Tour professionals"

Mike Malizia

Golf Digest Top 50 Instructor in Florida / www.mikemaliziagolfperformance.com

Rob Bradley"The Perfect Putter is the best training aid I have ever used. It allows you to get quality practice and gain confidence knowing you are starting the ball on line with the correct speed. It has become essential in our practices as I have seen a big improvement in our team’s putting. I highly recommend this device to golfers of all levels"

Rob Bradley

Division I Head Coach. Played 7 years on the Web.com Tour. 2 time participant in the US Open

CarlosOrtiz"I have been using The Perfect Putter for a couple of months now and it has become a very important tool during my practices. It allows me to test my green reading ability, work on my visualization and the feedback is instant, I love how multifaceted it is. I get a lot of confidence when I see my green reading abilities improve. The Perfect Putter is a must have for every golfer, everybody will improve."

Carlos Ortiz

2014 Web.com Money Leader / 3 Time champion / 2015 PGA Tour Member

"Even though statistically, putting represents approximately 43% of your score, it is often difficult to find ways to motivate your students to put in the time on the putting green. With The Perfect Putter we finally have the ideal tool for our students to understand that mechanics are not the only factor when the ball does not go in. Emphasis on picking the correct line - by using the integrated laser - combined with excellent speed really highlights the importance of proper green reading. I would highly recommend this device to any serious instructor, particularly working with juniors. It is without doubt the most popular training aid in our academy (and we utilize some of the most advanced technologies out there)."

Dylan Ross

Fellow of the PGA / US Kids Top 50 Master Teacher

ByronSmith"Working with The Perfect Putter has been an eye opening experience. I have found out so much about my putting in such short period of time. This device has helped realize that I was under reading all my left to right putts. Now, when I get to competition I feel so much more prepared and confident over my putts"

Byron Smith

PGA Tour Player

Scott Shobe"The Perfect Putter training aid takes all the guesswork out of practicing putting. It is the best thing you can use when it comes to learn how to read the correct line and speed on the greens. It is the first device I use when I teach putting to beginners, juniors or professional golfers. Reading greens is the most important factor in order to hole putts"

Scott Shobe

Director of Golf for The Greg Norman Golf Academy / www.gncga.com

Matt Davidson"The Perfect Putter eliminates any guessing about the break. The more I practice with it, the more I have seen a huge improvement in my ability to read any green and I am already holing more putts. Now when I get to an event I feel prepared to putt great"

Matt Davidson

PGA Tour and Web.com Tour member

John"This device is a must have in every Golf Academy. In The Missing Link Golf Academy we believe that green reading is a skill like any other in golf. The more you practice green reading the better you get. The Perfect Putter has made a huge impact in our teaching. This device has allowed us to evaluate all our students' green reading skills before we do any work in their putting technique"

John Hulbert

Instructor Missing link golf Academy

Grant"In order to achieve mastery in any skill you need precise, accurate, real-time feedback. The Perfect Putter gives you that for putting. You will become a better green reader and you will practice more productively. If you are serious about becoming a better putter, you need The Perfect Putter"

Grant Waite

PGA Tour winner, Champions Tour member and top 50 instructors by Golf Digest

Oscar Fraustro"The Perfect Putter has simplified my thought process over any putt. It taught me it is as simple as read it right, aim it there and know the ball is going to go in the hole. Technique became almost obsolete."

Oscar Fraustro

2015 PGA Tour Player

MartaSilva"Although the main reason why I first started working with The Perfect Putter was to test my green reading skills, I love the fact that it has helped me make my practices a lot more efficient. This device has allowed me to set up drills, such as chalk line on breaking putts, that without it would be impossible. These drills have become the foundation for my putting and the key for my big improvement on the greens. The Perfect Putter travels with me everywhere I go"

Marta Silva

LPGA Tour Player / @martasilva_golf

Fernando Figueroa"Many training aids are primarily one dimensional, focusing and developing one skill. The Perfect Putter is multidimensional, one of a kind. It has changed my practice habits and improved my game remarkably fast"

Fernando Figueroa

Member of the PGA Latinoamerica, 2008 US Open Contestant / @figueroaff

Leon"In order to hole putts it all starts with green reading. Green reading is a skill, so the more I practice with The Perfect Putter the better I get. I have been looking for a device like this for a long time and I now finally have it. It has helped my putting tremendously and don´t see myself ever stop using it during my practice. The Perfect Putter has become the best training aid I have ever had"

Hugo Leon

Web.com Tour Player / @hlt84

Horne"The Perfect Putter has boosted my confidence. It has given me a better understanding of how much putts actually break and helped my visualization on the course. I love it!"

JC Horne

Touring professional / @sirjamescarl

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