Step 1

Read the break of your putt


Step 2

Align the device on the direction you want the ball to start


Step 3

Place the ball on the number according to the distance from the hole


Step 4

Release the golf ball


Step 5

Watch the ball go in the hole!


Step 6

Mark the spot where the ball left the Perfect Putter track. Then, try it with your putter.





Golf Balls

Golf balls need to be clean

Whenever you use The Perfect Putter make sure your golf balls are clean so factors such as sand, grass clippings, water, or mud won't affect the roll...

Silicone tracks

Silicone tracks clean and snug

Make sure the silicone tracks on The Perfect Putter are clean and snug to the metal track. This is a key factor to get the Perfect roll every time. The Perfect Putter works well without the silicone although there is a 15% difference in distance.

Longer puts

For longer putts...

For longer putts, it is recommended to use the stance to give the Perfect Putter more stability.

More stability

For more stability...

Stick a couple of tees in The Perfect Putter eyelets to stabilize it.

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