Ref. GC021. This 5mW 532 nm green laser will provide you feedback on how well you line the ball and the putter face to your starting line in seconds.  It gives you the ability to trace the line up and down all the way to the hole without the necessity of having a backboard and it works great outside on bright sunny days. It comes with a a 16340 3.7v rechargeable Li-ion battery and a charger.

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How to use it

(1) Read the putt and line up the ball to your intended line.
(2) Set up the gAIMe Changer on top of the line of the ball.
(3) Turn on laser and see where the ball is lined up.

Check your putter face alignment

(4) Set up to the putt.
(5) Place the laser against the face of the putter. Turn the laser and see exactly where the putter face is aiming.